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OWTS Ministries brings a fresh vision to society. Our goal is to reach both the young and old by impacting the community through prayer, community service, teaching, reaching, counseling and sharing the word of God. We seek to serve individuals from all walks of life. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so our focus is to become unified with one goal in mind; Making indifferent people different by changing lives one by one.

The mission of OWTS Ministries is to make a difference in communities by spreading the Gospel across the four corners of the earth. We desire to work with individuals and assist them with becoming the men and women of God that they are destined to be. 

We aim to utilize all of the gifts that God has placed in his people for kingdom business. OWTS Ministries will be sponsoring Gospel Stage Plays, concerts, Praise dance-offs and Musical Praise-offs throughout the communities. Our mission is simple but life long, to reach every child of God and help define, understand and execute their purpose so that they would inspire, shape, change, inform and excite the world.

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