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Holy Kiss Cosmetics is more than another Lipstick Line; we call it "Lipstick Evangelism." Each color was uniquely chosen and named to serve a greater purpose than matching an outfit or keeping up with the latest fashion trends. We believe that each morning you open your eyes, God kissed you with life, and as a result, we have an obligation to “kiss back.” A real kiss is when you respond to the kiss by kissing back. How do we kiss God back? We kiss back by speaking positivity over ourselves and those that we encounter. We kiss back by helping others in need and reminding ourselves that we all matter and are important because we were made by the Creator for a special purpose.


The Holy Kiss colors and collections were prayerfully designed to empower women from all walks of life. Our names speak life and messages into the lives of those that wear it and those surrounding them. When you speak life, everything around you must live, therefore, every "Kiss" gives life! We are grateful to God for giving us the opportuinity to "evangelize" with a  "Holy Kiss!" We invite you to this powerful movement! It's more than lipstick; it's evangelism!

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